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The organizing committee is delighted to invite you to contribute to NetEcon 2019, held in conjunction with EC 2019 and SIGMETRICS 2019, on June 28th in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

The emergence of the Internet as a global platform for computation and communication has sparked the development and deployment of many large-scale networked systems. Often these systems involve multiple stakeholders with divergent or even competing interests. Unmitigated selfish behavior in these systems can lead to high inefficiency or even complete collapse. Research interest in the application of economic and game-theoretic principles to the design and analysis of networked systems has grown in recent years.

The aim of NetEcon is to foster discussions on the application of economic and game-theoretic models and principles to address challenges in the development of networks and network-based applications and services. The NetEcon Workshop also seeks to promote multi-disciplinary investigations into the role of incentives in communication and computation.  NetEcon was established in 2006 (succeeding to the P2PECON, IBC and PINS workshops) and merged with the W-PIN workshop in 2013.

We invite submission of extended abstracts (of up to six pages) describing original research on theoretical/methodological contributions or on applications to cases of interest. It is our hope that NetEcon will serve as a feeder workshop, with expanded and more polished versions of the NetEcon extend abstracts submitted to major conferences and refereed journals of the relevant research communities.


Invited speakers:

Itai Ashlagi (Stanford University)

David Parkes (Harvard University)

Nicolas Stier Moses (Facebook)



* Monday April 29, 2019, 11:59pm EST: Submission deadline (firm)
* Friday May 24, 2019: Notification to authors
* Friday June 14, 2019: Final version for proceedings (and webpage) due
* Friday June 28, 2019: Workshop at Phoenix, Arizona

Topics of interest to NetEcon’19 include but are not restricted to interactions of networks and:

  • Resource and information pricing: cloud computing, network externalities, ride-sharing
  • Security and privacy: valuation of personal data, fairness, security games, social media
  • Markets, mechanism design, and incentives: dynamic matching, spam prevention, incentive-aware protocols, peer-to-peer, platform economics
  • Auctions: spectrum, online advertising, crowdsourcing, data marketplaces
  • Learning: reinforcement learning, behavioral models, social learning, network formation

We welcome methods in any combination of pure theory, applied modelling, empirical studies, and simulations or experiments. Work rooted in computer science, economics, game theory, and/or operations research are all within the scope of this workshop.


Information about previous NetEcon workshops can be accessed at


Submissions must be in the form of extended abstracts of at most 6 pages in the standard two-column format of ACM proceedings (including all figures, tables, references, etc.) containing all important
results to allow evaluation of the novelty and scope of the contribution. In case 6 pages are not sufficient to provide enough information (e.g., proofs) to properly substantiate the paper’s results, we encourage the authors to provide supplementary material either as a clearly marked appendix (without page limit) or by including a link to the full version of their extended abstract. Such supplementary material will, however, be read only at the discretion of the PC members and will not appear in the proceedings in case of acceptance.

Papers should be submitted through the submission website at


Note that authors for whom publication of a 6-page extended abstract in the NetEcon proceedings would preclude later publication of an expanded version in the relevant venue may elect to contribute only a one-page abstract of their submitted extended abstract to the NetEcon  proceedings. Such an abstract should include the URL of a working paper or preprint that contains the main results presented at the NetEcon workshop. Authors can make this decision after receiving a notice of acceptance.

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